About us

The Global Arts and Politics Alliance (GAPA) was founded in September 2015 by Gana Comagic and Wanda Tiefenbacher.

We work around three pillars:

  • the GAPA Platform with the GAPA Blog, opportunities, our very own bibliography, a private group and much more
  • GAPActivist Events – small and large
  • the GAPA Think Tank and its journal, the International Journal of Arts and Politics (IJAP)

We want to find the activists working for real change within their communities, in all corners of the world. We proudly feature young artists on our website, and actively encourage guest posting on our blog. The resources we have collected, from contacts to an academic bibliography, should be accessible to everyone who is interested. As our organisation grows, we will hold events, connect with like-minded groups on local and national levels, and ultimately hope to provide sponsorship, grants and mentorship through a GAPA fund.

We welcome young people regardless of occupation, status or orientation and particularly encourage members of minorities and disadvantaged or under-represented groups to join our project! The only thing we are not fond of is extremism.

If you want to know more about the connection between politics and arts, we have explained our interpretation in the GAPA Manifesto.

GAPA is an NGO with a friendly team of under 30s behind it – called the GAPA Board. The Board works with an unparalleled passion and enthusiasm to realise GAPA’s aims as laid down in our statutes.

Most importantly, if you want to become a member and join our community, check out how to get involved here!