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Art in Activism: politics, creativity + social change [GAPA]

This is an exploratory space for those interested in artistic activism and political change. We welcome discussion from all corners of the globe!Consider this a hub for all things related to art activism, political change, creative revolutions, artistic critique and the like! A safe space to post your findings, radical ideas, work, and much more.Please post in the spirit of the group and respect the fact that this is neither a marketplace nor an advertisement page. You can share links, photos, events, ideas, political artwork which you have created - but please, this is not the place to seek custom. Anything that we feel is irrelevant will be deleted. Posts are currently unmoderated and we'd like to keep it that way :) Thank you for respecting your fellow group members.---This group is moderated by the NGO the Global Arts and Politics Alliance (GAPA). Visit our Facebook page here!