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The Global Arts and Politics Alliance (GAPA) brings together a unique mix of artists, activists and change-makers. We are a platform for critical political innovation, artistic expression, and the advancement of art activism

We want to build a bridge between politics, arts, and activism. GAPA is a platform and space for artistic activism and change-making!

We offer a think tank and our own journal, the International Journal for Arts and Politics (IJAP), as well as a blog where we showcase innovative knowledge and practices from all over the world. Whether you want to write for an academic or general audience – get in touch! 


  • We are currently accepting submissions for the second issue of the International Journal for Arts and Politics (IJAP), edited by Jasmin Lilian Diab. Check out the requirements here and submit a manifesto by September 2018! You can also access Volume 1 Issue 1 of IJAP here. 

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  • avid blogger? Want to have your voice heard? Write a guest post for the GAPA Blog! Contact us

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