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Becoming a member of the GAPA Community has many advantages. The Global Arts and Politics Alliance works around three pillars: the annual GAPActivist Events, the online GAPA Platform and the GAPA Think Tank. All three are great possibilities to take an active part in building a bridge between the arts and political discourse!

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As a GAPA member, you will have a guaranteed place at our many events, access to an online Forum, unique opportunities related to art activism worldwide, access to a vast community of change-makers, as well as the opportunity to contribute to the GAPA Blog and the Think Tank! Scroll down for even more advantages beyond our three main spheres of activites!

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GAPActivist Events 

The GAPActivist Events are where we gather our members in an inspiring environment where ideas and insights are presented, stories are shared, and art is exhibited. Events are either international pop-up events that happen spontaneously, or take the form of a larger event that takes place in a larger city annually. Our events centre around networking, discussions and exhibitions where we not only find like-mined people, but also think about concrete claims and actions to further artistic expression and political innovation. There are workshops by artists, activists and other innovators where you can learn new skills for your art activism. As no larger gathering would be complete without social events, we’ve planned those too.  Smaller events are generally held in an informal, chilled-out environment where anyone can come! GAPA members are entitled to vote for changes in the organisation, as well as to elect the Executive Committee in the context of the General Assembly. The GA takes place as part of the larger event.

GAPA Platform 

The GAPA Platform is a unique feature of being a GAPActivist. On our website, we endeavour to gather the work of our members and provide an opportunity to share, comment, question and collaborate. The GAPA Group on FB acts as a medium for peaceful exchange where the efforts of (aspiring) art activists are showcased, critical thinking is fostered and cooperation is encouraged! Our opportunities section is your one box-stop for all things related to arts, politics and activism – find conferences, internships, competitions and the like! Also, we are proud to feature the GAPA Blog – the ultimate guide to your artsy lifestyle! As the only place on the Internet that provides an explicit place for the arts and politics to meet, the GAPA Platform and network boasts a combination of artists, performers, activists and thinkers. We also feature unique opportunities, as well as a Bibliography to satisfy your intellectual needs! There is absolutely no tolerance of extremist views or any forms of discrimination, harassment or abuse on our website.

GAPA Think Tank

The GAPA Think Tank is made up of six working groups organised around topics that dominant the social and political discourse. The topics are Migration, Identities, Consumption, Civic Participation, Conflict & Terrorism, and the Environment. All six groups are made up of 3-4 members who regularly publish work on the topics and various sub-topics. Read more about them here! This pillar seeks to foster political consciousness, as well as provide an academic basis on these issues for those seeking inspiration or input.

Becoming a GAPA member has many advantages alongside access to these three pillars! Our members receive regular newsletters, have access a unique database of arts and politics related opportunities, can contribute to our blog, can get featured as “GAPActivist of the Month” and/or “Artist of the month”, are eligible for travel grants as well as art/activism prizes, and have access to a one-of-a-kind community of change-makers worldwide who work together on projects, political demands, and much more! We have many more ideas we want to make real, so our range of offers is bound to grow over time!

GAPA is a very new organisation and is thus dependent on your support! The more support we receive, the more ideas we can make reality. By contributing to GAPA, you are not only ensuring that these three pillars can be realised, but also contributing to making the world a more critical place. Read more about how to support us here.