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    GAPA Think Tank

    The GAPA Think Tank is made up of six working groups organised around topics relevant to society and politics. The topics are Migration, Identities, Consumption, Civic Participation, Conflict & Terrorism, and the Environment. Read more about them here! This pillar seeks to strengthen political consciousness, to firmly situate the arts/politics intersection in academia, and to provide an academic basis for discussion.

    GAPA Resources 

    The GAPA Resources consist of a vast database of members, various social media pages, an opportunities page with the latest conferences/competitions/workshops, our very own Blog, an academic bibliography, and much more. We constantly extend our repertoire, and if you have something to add, please contact us!  is a unique feature of being a GAPActivist. On our website, we endeavour to gather the work of our members and provide an opportunity to share, comment, question and collaborate through the Blog, the newsletter, and our collection of resources. If you want to contribute, simply message us.

    GAPActivist Events 

    At our occasional GAPA events, we gather interested community members in an inspiring environment. We share ideas and insights, exhibit art, discuss ideas, and make plans to better our societies through artistic expression. Events are organised either by community members with GAPA support, or by the GAPA Board. We envision to expand our events to eventually hold an international conference with workshops, panel discussions, networking opportunities, and exhibitions.

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