GAPActivist Events

GAPA is proud to host several GAPActivist Events throughout the year! There are two types of events: international pop-up events, and the annual GAPActivist Convention.

The international pop-up events are held regularly in various cities around the world and are organised by our board members, who themselves move around regularly. The pop-up events usually take the form of a free, informal gatherings and discussion spaces, where artists, activists, change-makers and those interested meet to talk about the opportunities and possibilities related to art activism. So far, many friendships have been formed, networks created, demands made, and projects started.

GAPA has hosted several pop-up events already, read about them on the GAPA Blog!
#1 London, UK in July 2016
#2 Graz, Austria in August 2016

The larger, annual GAPActivist Convention is held annually in a larger, culturally and artistically relevant city and will last for up to two days. The Convention will feature several speakers, workshops, exhibition spaces as well as social events! In addition, a part of the Convention will be the General Assembly – the highest decision-making body of GAPA where members can vote on structural changes within the organisation. The GAPActivist Convention will come at a modest fee and include lots of goodies – stay tuned!