GAPActivist Songs – The Team’s best picks

Music can change the world because it can change people” – Bono, U2

Don’t we all need some background music for our creative endeavours? If you have been aching for the soundtrack to your personal activism, look no further! Whether it be writing your next poem about the perils of the capitalist system, coordinating your next big demonstration to raise awareness about your favourite issue, or spraying graffiti that has the potential to change the world – you should be accompanied by the right music to do so.

We present to you the GAPA team’s top picks of the best activism songs out there. Lovingly compiled by our very own chair, Wanda, you will find a range of different languages, themes, music styles and messages – we have everything ranging from the very famous to the not known at all (in order of popularity for your convenience – the further you scroll, the more unknown the waters get). We have compiled everything that relates to change-making, social justice, activism, collective action, and critique!

Get inspired, get creative and let the music take over – as we all know, songs often capture what we fail to say in speech!

Anything missing from this list? Drop us a line at [email protected] and we’ll add it – or tweet us @NGOGAPA with your own favourite, fist-pumping tunes!


Thanks to Saurabh Thakur and lingorach at Flickr Creative Commons for the use of their images.

Avid wanderluster, activist, and political sociologist, who is trying hard to be a civic/political educator one day. Also involved at Project Access, and the co-founder and chair of GAPA :) Welcome! Curious mind, revolutionary at heart. Originally Austrian, but I'm more rootless than anything else.

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