5 Artists Who Will Make You Think About the Planet

By Anna Kevroletina

Climate change is only denied by the most recalcitrant of critics. Water pollution is causing illness in over one million people per year in India, and air pollution is causing around one million premature deaths in China per year. The acidification of oceans (due to high CO2 content) is threatening our food supply – as well as sea animals in general, and acid rain has a similar affects on soil.

Plants also suffer from smog and tropospheric ozone it contains – and O3 is a troublemaker by itself while it remains at ground level, causing all sorts of toxic reaction with other materials. And, of course, there’s urbanization’s impact on forests and nature, animal rights violations in the fur and meat industries. The list goes on.

In short, the world is not in good shape. But these street artist are here to say the truth about the state of our planet and where it is headed. Here are some of the best examples of environmentalist street art.


Blu is the pseudonym of an anonymous Italian street artist based out of Bologna. He has travelled all over Europe and the world, and his work often has an environmentalist/anti-capitalist theme.

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Street artist Roa is a muralist from Ghent, Belgium whose work has often been recorded and photographed, but very little is known about the artist and even less is documented.

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It seems as though there isn’t a person alive today who’s unaware of his work. He’s seemingly everywhere, highlighting the social and global issues that affect us today and, sadly, he has plenty of fuel there to power his creativity.

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Pejak is a Spanish street artist.

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Pøbel is a Norwegian artist.

He’s been cutting stencils since the late nineties, but didn’t start painting outside till 01-02. Being fascinated by the graffiti and street art movement that happened in the bigger cities, he was inspired to take this urban culture and place it in the middle of nowhere.. turning it into a strange kind of Norwegian “wild” style.



Swiss street art duo Christian Rebecchi and Pablo Togni. Swiss based street artist duo founded in 1996 found a new language that confronts and at the same time, interacts with public space. As a team, the artists adorn the world with eye-popping and gut-wrenching images depicting the consequences of humanity’s actions on earth and transform dark realities of climate change into stunning works.

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