Audio we love: Podcast recommendations of the month

Intelligence Squared – Is Social Media Killing Art?

This debate looks at whether our appreciation of “real” art is undermined by social media. In an age of Instagram filters and instant reactions to images in the form of emojis, likes, and shares (visit GAPA’s own Instagram here!), what can this tell us about the longevity of the “art” we produce?

BBC Seriously – Long Road to Change

How can protest movements bring about real change, and which ones can activists learn from? Zoe Williams investigates why some of the biggest protests in history have been ignored and why it’s almost impossible to measure the impact of a protest on political outcomes.

BBC Cultural Frontline – Culture and the French Elections

As France prepares for one of the most unpredictable Presidential elections in recent memory, this episode of the Cultural Frontline looks at the artists, writers and musicians who are reflecting on the debates raised by the campaign through their work.

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